Getting started. Not the lazy Sunday I expected

So I get up rather late considering it’s daylight savings.  I hem haw around about blogging and then decide to jump in.  In the middle of setting this up, choosing the All Important Profile Picture, I have gastrointestinal distress.  Nerves or coffee?  Don’t care. And then my mom calls.

I love my mom, but, I’m in the middle of something new here.  I’m trying to finish this up, field several facebooks IMS regarding Friday’s “workforce reduction” (i.e. lowlevel management got the AX) and downplay my dog tragedy of the past week.

1) Scared to death to go to work if the man is “terminating” fellow employees.

2) Almost let my dog die because I’m stupid.

3) Trying to set up a selfish selfie blog because I’m at heart a narcissist. (kudos I spelled it right)

Of course any topic is met with a coordinating story of her work life which allows me time to leave her on speaker phone, tune out a little and type quietly on the laptop.

And then there’s the story of my Ilse. My family is high on pragmatism, low on compassion so I didn’t go into details about the rush to the animal ER and the subsequent surgery.  The bottom line is I didn’t want her to ask what “the bottom line” was.  I’ve purchased cars that cost less. (two, but it was the 80s).

All I really want to do is wash my hair, paint my nails, make some jewelry and listen to the football game.  Go Chiefs, lets make this 9-0.

My overwhelming concern? Thought to ponder?  Why do robes always have such giant wide cuffs?  I’ve caught my arm on two doorknobs and soaked the cuff in chilli grease cleaning out the sink.


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