Who Fan-ish


So Friday was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. And the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.  And my only brother’s 50th birthday.

To celebrate I watched the movie about the first Doctor Who starring Filch from Harry Potter (I teared up a little at the end with the Matt Smith apparition) and the Day of the Doctor two hour episode, and most of the Graham Norton special later.

I had earlier this year watched a minute by minute retelling of the JFK assasination that I found riveting even though I am not much of history/biography buff. (Grassy knoll, just sayin’. )

To say I’m estranged from by brother would be very technical. I have not seen him in two years since my neice’s wedding where he was in and out and mercurial at best.  Before that I had not seen him in more years than I can count.  I stopped sending Christmas cards, he doesn’t do family occasions. I have no desire to friend his signifant other on facebook.

To Hell with reality, let’s get back to THE DOCTOR!  I’m a half-assed fan at best.  I don’t watch and rewatch every episode and dissect the plots and characters. I have, however, seen all of Torchwood and adore Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper.

It’s amazing to me that of 12 Doctor Whos I’m only really aware of 4.  I blame it on being
I remember as a kid watching episodes of the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, with his long striped scarf. It aired on the PBS station.  Considering my dad was super cantakerous and only a fan of John Wayne westerns it is a miracle we saw so much Doctor Who and Star Trek.  Maybe there’s a hidden scifi convert in there.

How have I never seen any of the others until the recent BBC America series?. Can I again blame it on America? Of the recent reboots, I rather liked the gritty realism, the nowness of Christopher Eccleston. Perhaps he was too based in the now because the two subsequent Doctors seem old fashioned compared to him. Tennant with his tight 60s reminiscent suit and tennies and Smith with the history professor jacket and the ridiculous fez.

David Tennant as the Doctor was amazing and my favorite and it took the companions to win me over to Matt Smith. It feels like the Doctors have gotten younger and younger with each incarnation, yet the newest revealed twelfth doctor, Peter Capaldi, seems like another older Masterpiece Theater actor.  In fact, I hesitate to say like almost all English actors, he looks like an extra in Lord of The Rings. (I googled it. He’s Scottish and no, never been a Hobbit.)

I mention the Hobbit thing so I can tell you how oblivious I am.  I’m watching Love Actually (which must have every UK actor ever in it) and I’m musing out loud about that guy there. “Why do all English actors look like they could be extras in a Lord of the Rings movie?  That guy could be a Hobbit.” It was at that point that my daughter whips around, hair flying, face both incredulous and disdainful and scoffs, ” What!? He is The Hobbit!” Are you insane? Do you not recognize him?” Oh fudge. It’s freaking Bilbo pantomiming pornography. Sidenote-a very cleaned up Andrew Lincoln, Rick from Walking Dead, is also in Love Actually.

I could now go on about all the British/UK actors in Walking Dead.  WTH?  but this is supposed to be about The Doctor…..

Insert ancedote: Let me tell you about how when my now jaded 21 year old Princess went off to art school, she completely geeked out her Freshman year when the Halloween party had all Doctor incarnations and Jack Harkness.  She does have a thing for all things British (One Direction for craps sake!).  I call it the “Breaking Away” syndrome. (See movie 1979)

Insert rant: Speaking as an ugly American, I find it interesting how the British will use ordinary looking, superb actors, yet Americans only seem to pick uber attractive actors. It disturbs me when we remake a perfectly good Brit show.  David Tennant did a spectacular show recently called Broadchurch. (Filch was in that too). The other characters were ordinary looking and believable.  Fox is remaking it and calling if Gracepoint and have signed two beautiful blondes to play a couple of the key female characters.  First, why is this necesary? Why do we need a remake when the original is new and perfect?  Secondly, why is it necessary to gloss up and pretty everyone? You might as well just call it Real Housewives of Fictional Crime Scene.  Ugh, phony.

I guess I should be grateful we haven’t tried an American Doctor Who, I mean look what we did to Sherlock Holmes: sexy, slo-mo action scenes. Could you imagine Basil Rathbone shirtless and bloody? With the pipe. Justin Timberlake does look good in a suit. (ARGH!!!!)


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