White Women and Wigs.

To set the scene, I work in an “office” which looks a lot like a warehouse. Aren’t exposed beams bad feng shui?

It’s an American call center and it employs many types of interesting people. I wouldn’t specifically say, “culturally diverse”.  There’s pretty much white, black, hispanic, tiny sliver of other ethnicities.  Alas, I have no pie chart to insert here.

So I’m mixing it up with all types, all ages.  One thing I notice and of course will obsess over is HAIR.  

The question of the day, “Why won’t white women wear more wigs?”  The black ladies don’t seem to have a problem playing with fake hair.  (African American, etc. I know a Jamaican, I can’t really call her African American, now can I?)

What of all those wonderous white women who wear wigs? Dolly Parton.  Raquel Welch.  That annoying broad from that reality show.  

And this is where I begin to offend people.  I’m not trying to be insensitive. I understand you’ve lost your beautiful tresses to that heinous CANCER, but why aren’t you taking this opportunity to celebrate your triumph over disease with fun, fabulous accessories? I got a wig catalog in the mail the other day.  They really aren’t that expensive, starting about $30 to $40 dollars or so.  Much more of an investment than that horrid ball cap.

The follow up question would then be, “why aren’t you wearing wigs then when all you do is complain about your lackluster yellow locks?”   Wellll.  In the 90s I had hair pieces.  We called them Barbie Clip on hair. Two ponytails. They pulled horribly and were just too heavy.  So that’s not happening.  Second (sounds valid) excuse:  I have a small head.  I do actually have two wigs: a long dark red and a long blond. Unfortunately, I look ridiculous. Kind of like Jennifer Anniston in that movie where we are supposed to believe she’s a stripper.

My point really was not that I talk a big game, but have no real follow through. My point was, why isn’t this a bigger thing with regular folks? There could seriously be some marketing potential. Money making opportunities.  

***I also have a sidebar rant about cancer. What do you do when bad things happen to bad people? Not that this broad is bad necessarily, Just to me. She wouldn’t spit on me if I was on fire. A woman I’ve worked with for YEARS who reminds me overwhelmingly of the dog stealing Miss Gulch from Wizard of Oz had the big C.  The one thing she had going for her was good hair. That glossy perfect brunette bob.  Well it’s growing back now so she’s obviously made it through her ordeal. I’d keep an eye out for her on her bike. Hide your dog.  


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