Rental Cars…The Saga Continues.

So it’s been nearly two weeks since that heinous animal suicided upon my brand new automobile.  According to the most recent estimates, it should cost $14,940 to completely fix the Equinox.  The estimated date of completion is 3/14 or so.  Here’s hoping that’s a worst case scenario as I will run out of rental car coverage prior to that.

You might remember my recent blog where I complained at annoying length about my rental car experiences.

Wellllll.  Let me go on and on again.

After four days, I traded the giant unwieldy Pathfinder with Missouri (gasp) tags for a sleek silver Sonata with California plates, heated seats and hybrid technology. 

It was sweet.  Until it was not sweet.

With all the special bells and whistles, this vehicle had manual seats and a glitchy seat belt.

I did an after work drive by to Ulta to pick up some pretty pretties, threw my loot on the passenger seat, started the car and was eyeballing the oh, so near Starbucks when the unthinkable happened…. The freaking seat belt would not WOULD NOT latch. I kept pushing and manipulating and it still wouldn’t work. I thought I had it a couple of times, would put the car in drive, go a few feet and it would come unlatched causing the car to bong threateningly.

After a few minutes of indecision, I finally sucked it up and called the rental car place in a state of mild, mumbling panic.  Yes. I AM that girl.  I’m a complainer. I felt like such a GIRL, but there was no way I was going to keep driving a vehicle without a fully functioning safety device as the whole reason for the rental car was an accident mitigated by airbags and safety belts.  

Of course all this happens after five when the place closes business at 6.  Of course, the first response from the associate was that there were no available cars. Really? Where do you keep them?  A call back after “talking to the manager” and they were able to put me into a tiny black Mazda 6. There was the possibility of a incoming Prius, but I wasn’t having any of that.  I just wanted something to get me home.

The latest episode in the ongoing saga is now sitting in the driveway.  I had originally referred to it as Bachelor #3, but based upon the way it drives, I’m borrowing my dad’s terminology and dubbing this the “ass hammer”

Wish me luck. Third times a charm, right?




One thought on “Rental Cars…The Saga Continues.

  1. The cool part about trying out different cars, is to help you choose future cars. I mean, if you are so inclined. we’ve never had a new car, so when we rent cars it’s like,”Wheee!”. Right now you’re in car purgatory.

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