Not Really a Book Review.

I don’t know why I do this. It’s not like I’m into delayed gratification. It’s a new observed behavior. I get a new book, but instead of diving right into it, I set it aside. I let it marinate. Gather dust.

Usually it’s one of those gimongous Steven King tomes that could double as free weights or a clothes press.

This time it was something smaller. A former coworker, a facebook friend and unlikely blog supporter wrote a book. Yes. A book! So I bought it. Mostly just to be more supportive. I wasn’t sure it was my thing. I’m known for reading crap, schlock, pulp. I mean there was no elfs. No dragons. No vampires or swordplay. Turns out there kind of was an epic quest. The book is young adult, about gymnastics. A mystery.

What was I afraid of? Afraid it would not be a good read? Afraid it would too good of a read? This coming from the person who actually read all three of the Fiddy Shades of Heinous? Of course I knew from the first page of that book that is was terrible, yet I muddled through skimming the four thousand monotonous sex scenes vainly searching for a plausible plotline.

I knew from the first page of Little Girls Dream Big by Nicole Angeleen that I was going to LOVE it. My Goodreads status will note that I started the novel on 2/20 and finished it on 3/7 but that’s not accurate. (I’ve since edited) I burned through the kindle edition in two days. No skimming, some tears.

The first thing I noticed was the pacing. It started strong, stayed consistent and ended solid. Really stuck that landing. Not one gold medal, but two!

I was never bored. I didn’t try to second guess and predict the plot. There was believable dialogue without being too wordy. It was descriptive but not insanely so. And I ‘ve read some highly lauded works stuffed full of endless long detailed paragraphs.

I lost myself in the story to the point that I forgot that I know the author. I never tried to proofread or edit or critique. I just flung myself through the literary air on faith that I’d land upright, no stumbling.

I’m no expert. I’m not a critic. I’m just a reader. Someone who likes to be transported to other worlds through words. I know what I like. I really liked this book.

just in case you want to buy it..